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 A "Cancellation" occurs when the Customer or Supplier voids an order for a withdrawal of funds from a Customer's Card account or bank account before a sale is sent for deposit. 


  will not collect a deposit from the Customer and the previously authorized funds will be released at the Card issuing bank's discretion .


 After a sale is sent for deposit, any attempt to reimburse the cost of a Product to a Customer constitutes a Refund and shall be dealt with as set forth below. You may contact us regarding your purchase from  within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.




 A return occurs when a Customer returns Products previously purchased from 2CO ("Return").  will not reduce the amount of a Refund by the assessment of a "restocking fee" or any other charge (including shipping charges) for any Return that occurs in accordance with  Return Policy.




 A refund is the actual reimbursement of the cost of a Product to a Customer("Refund").   


accomplishes the Refund by reversing the amount previously charged to the Customer's Card  or account at the Card issuing bank and the appropriate amount is credited to the appropriate Card or account at the Card issuing bank of Customer."


Privacy Policy: 
Your privacy policy must state that no information submitted by a buyer will not be shared, sold, reused in lists, or be used for any other purpose than to complete a transaction or address a customer service concern. The following is an example privacy policy, you may replace  with your website name if you would like to use it as the privacy policy on your site.